Support in the Implementation of Competitive Intelligence Exercises

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Support in the Implementation of Competitive Intelligence Exercises

CIDEI advise acompanies in implementing Competitive Intelligence exercises, following the methodology developed by the CIDEI, which allows proper orientation of the definition of the objectives of the monitoring function, the identification and selection of the best sources of information, accurate results and adding value to the information.

The process involves activities such as:

Identification and definition of needs
Initial exploration and identification of keywords
Identification and selection of relevant information sources
Formulation of equations and finding information search
Identification and extraction of relevant information
Data analysisPreparation of final report
Communicating results

The way to add value to the information found is through the analysis from the information, under this criterion, CIDEI has established two stages in the analysis of information:

  • Analysis of the state of the art: Allows to identify the relevant body of knowledge in order to check the most recent technology advances.

  • Analysis of knowledge bases: Allows to determine the bases of knowledge, business strategies and technology trends in core technologies of the company. This analysis is based on the following instruments:




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