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The project “STRENGTHENING THE COMPETITIVENESS OF COMPANIES IN THE CLUSTER INDUSTRY OF ELECTRO ELECTRONIC OF BOGOTA CUNDINAMARCA, BY IMPLEMENTING SERVICE ENCLOSURES DESIGN FOR ELECTRO ELECTRONICS AND THE CREATION OF A NETWORK OF PRODUCERS WHO ARE IN ABILITY TO MANUFACTURE PROTOTYPES AND SMALL SERIES OF PROPOSED DESIGNS” belongs to STRATEGIC PROGRAM FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ELCTRO ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY OF BOGOTÁ AND CUNDINAMARCA” financed by COLCIENCIAS and executed by CIDEI. It aims to “develop service for the design and manufacture of prototypes for small series of enclosures” that meet the technical standards required by the markets and that have aesthetic and functional attributes that facilitate and promote its commercialization.

According to the investment made by CIDEI and ASESEL, the local market doesn’t have high volume of production of electronic products, which leads to establish mass production as a viable option for companies in the industry. Additionally foreign competition poses a threat because of their economies of scale, which generate a substantial decrease in prices compared to national, and offers variety in products. The variety is perceived in the local market as the customization of products, differentiating factor that the local industry needs to improve its performance over foreign competitors.

During the research process, suppliers and potential manufacturers where identified to start the building of the design and the enclosure manufacture services. Likewise, potential customers were identified and described. This information is relevant for the validation stage and the implementation of the service in the local market.

Once the research and technological knowledge was developed, the Spin-Off through the transfer of the knowledge acquired during the process and the tools developed in the implementation was developed.

In the transfer process, CIDEI transmitted the knowledge generated through a period of support in the implementation of the service, where the In-Cover team assimilated the methodology and work processes. CIDEI performed prototypes under the guidelines defined in order to validate suppliers, design and development processes, production time, materials and other relevant variables for the development of Spin-Off’s activities.
Additional to developments, In-Cover obtained a direct channel of communication with the project beneficiary enterprises and validated suppliers, allowing the identification of future improvements. Noteworthy that initially the project took account the participation of 10 companies, but given the industry’s interest in the project, CIDEI was able to link 7 companies.

Upon completion the project’s stages related to the planning and set-up the service in financial, organizational and procedural terms; the creation of In-Cover was achieved as a Spin-Off of CIDEI in 2014, which aims to establish a service that allows industry to develop or improve electro electronic housings or enclosures of their products.

Figure 1. In-Cover S.A.S.’s corporate image


Source: In Cover S.A.S.

In-Cover is the materialization of the project results, in which the importance of research and validation previously made to consolidate the business model and the network of suppliers and working is evidenced.


Ing. Nancy Yurani Ortiz G.