National Resources for Projects in Colombia

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National Resources for Projects in Colombia




CIDEI, through its extensive experience in Project Management of Innovation with Colciencias resources, helps companies in obtaining resources for this type of projects. Colciencias is part of the National System of Science and Technology (SNCT), who is the lead agency of the government, responsible for formulating, guiding, directing, coordinating, executing and implementing state policy in the field of Science and Technology, guided by plans and programs.

CIDEI as executor, along with the beneficiaries, prepare innovation projects to be presented to Colciencias, where co-financing resources are requested (not returnable resources) for Innovation and Technological Development.

Thanks to technology watch structured methodology that CIDEI has been refined along its experience, it is possible to achieve, define and sustain innovation in the projects in a clear and solid foundation, which guarantees a high rate of success in the projects.


Camara_de_comercio_de_Bogota-logoCHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF BOGOTÁ, Bogotá Innova


CIDEI has been involved with some companies that have innovative projects in the tenders of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. The program seeks to support innovation processes of all businesses in Bogotá and the region, and strengthen strategic five sectors: health, software, tourism, design and cultural industries.

The purpose of this program is to contribute to the management and promotion of innovation in enterprises of the city region, ensuring that they develop the skills and abilities required to incorporate innovation management, to make it sustainable and competitive in the domestic and international operations, profitability, employment and wealth to society.

As calls for the CCB innovation, we use our design methodology to structuring projects for them (link to projects developed with Bogotá Innova).

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