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Markeetic is a web platform where the companies which are interested on take advantage of the Internet and use it as a tool for marketing and purchase of their products can register.

Markeetic helps to registered companies to strengthen and accelerate their main digital marketing strategy, such as contents creation, effective communication with their potential customers, positioning in search engines, configuration of paid advertising campaigns and trade with other companies or end customers.

In Markeetic a registered company creates products and/or services that it wants to promote on line with just a few clicks, also it could assign cases of success and then receive contact requests or quotes from other members or visitor in the web site.

A registered company can also generate views type “landing page” where it will get a link to a optimized page with relevant characteristics of the product and/or service selected, which it can be used in their advertising campaigns over search engines or social networks, thereby, the company has the possibility of save money and time required to perform these processes.

Only with few minutes, a company is able to register their basic contact information and their products and/or services, Markeetic creates a communication way among the company and their potential customers whom could be interested in these products. Finally the company and the customer define the business details establishing a transaction.


The main characteristics to registered companies are:

  • Create products and/or services: In order to expand their portfolio and to get better opportunities for sales of their products and/or services.

  • Create success stories to their products and/or services: In order to highlight their products in a digital environment.

  • Create views type “landing page” for their products and/or services: In order to use on digital campaigns and effectively get data from potential customers.

  • Review visits number in their landing pages: In order to know their digital campaigns impact.

  • Add videos about their success stories: In order to boost their products and increase the probability to sell their products and/or services.

  • Manage success stories: In order to update, prioritize and delete the success stories from their products and/or services.

  • Receive statistics: In order to analyze monthly movement and impact of their site in Markeetic.

Use of the Internet as a communication and business tool is increasingly widespread throughout the world and today, the Internet has established as a necessity and support tool in the digital marketing processes for most of the companies.

Colombian Electro Electronics Industry is not far from this, it is necessary to involve digital marketing elements and the Internet in the company’s business processes. Taking this starting point, Markeetic has been created like an associative website focused in Colombian Electro Electronics and ICT Industry.

Thereby, Markeetic is a web-based platform where companies can belong to a B2B suppliers network, being in a virtual environment and improving their communication options with their market and increasing their possibilities for new businesses.

Markeetic has been developed by CIDEI and ASESEL, co-financed by COLCIENCIAS, it belongs to “Strategic Programme for the Development of Electro Electronics Industry from Bogota and Cundinamarca”. It is a web platform that help Electro Electronics Companies positioning their products and services in the digital media and then to get new customers, provide a new communication channel among registered companies to achieve a more efficient use of the Internet as a tool in their business processes.