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The main objective for the project “Development of an Associative Web Portal for Electro Electronics Industry from Bogotá and Cundinamarca” is to help Electro Electronics Cluster enterprises from Bogota and Cundinamarca to use the Internet as a business tool by means of the development of a Commercial Associative Web Portal.

Agile Project Management methodology was adopted for the development of this website, articulating the two areas that had this project: Software Development and Marketing. The project was executed in stages called “iterations”. A website validation process with some Electro Electronics and ICT companies involved in the project was made while each iteration was executed. The validation process has allowed to adjust requirements and the website as close as possible to desired characteristics and needs of the target group.

The agile approach adopted for this project has allowed to consider more adaptative schemes for the development process, the software requirements have been adapted during the execution according with the kind of project and the magnitude of the platform developed.

The first step in the development of the associative website has been a diagnosis of digital maturity, it has been applied to a sample of one hundred and fifty four (154) companies belonging to Electro Electronics and ICT sector from Bogota D.C. and Cundinamarca, in order to identify their situation regarding the knowledge and use of digital tools in the business processes in these companies.

The platform has been developed thinking to generate levels of interactivity and usability near to expectations and nature of the end user. This process was made taking into account guidelines of usability design process applied to the design process for the site interfaces.


The portal developed is a web-based digital platform for direct consumption, purchased by consumers via the Internet; the website has been called “Markeetic” and it may be entered mean by www.markeetic.com


Markeetic promotes the use of digital media for positioning and customer acquisition, it results of the interaction of the companies that belong to Electro Electronic and ICT companies associated in this website.

The general structure of this website adopts the definition of titles and descriptions fulfilling Google recommendations for seeking to improve and optimize the positioning for search engines.

While the project was executed, involved companies received training closely related with the use of the Internet as a business tool, in this course, some topics related to digital marketing and how to integrate digital marketing elements in their marketing processes were reviewed.

Some topics reviewed were how to set a target group to include it in a digital marketing plan, basic elements of organic positioning (SEO), social media and digital campaigns using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

The project began with a group of ten (10) companies associated to the website, once released online platform and today, Markeetic has more than forty (40) companies subscribed to the website which belong to Electro Electronics and ICT sector.