Innovation Projects and Productivity Improvement Projects

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Innovation Projects and Productivity Improvement Projects

Innovation Projects

CIDEI has vast experience in Project Management. Project formulation is not always an easy comprehension and analysis process. As a result, we have structured a project formulation methodology that allows a successful support to businessmen.

Our Competitive Intelligence methodology, as well as national and international firms and expert networks are base to the design projects. Project Bank.

Due to this, CIDEI accompanies the enterprises through all the process. Since the moment the need is detected, CIDEI help define the innovation degree. As a result, the projects are focussed to the funding source so that resources are easier to acquire and the success rate increase.

Productivity Improvement Projects

Projects that are presented to FOMIPYME calls have to correspond or apply to one or several thematic lines of support. These are selected according to the needs of the beneficiary Mipyme and the situation have to be well justify in the diagnosis to be presented.CIDEI advice Colombian Mipymes in project structuration. Necessary tools are given in order to formulate well founded proposals aiming at productive improvement. As a result, the terms of reference of a call could be meet and the resources could be access.

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