Implementation of Technological Surveillance Systems

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Implementation of Technological Surveillance Systems

We support our clients in the definition, implementation and validation of competitive inteligence management within their organizations, according to their needs, capacities and resources, articulating on the guidelines of the Spanish Standard UNE 166006:2006 EX and Colombian Technical Guide GTC186, management of R + D + i: Competitive Intelligence, precisely defining the requirements of Competitive Intelligence management system, responsibilities of management, system actors, resourcesand process, until to its implementation, validation and tuning.

System requirements imply

  • Continuous Improvement of Competitive Intelligence Management
    • Clients, needs
    • Management responsibilities (Compromises, focus, politics, planning and objectives, Responsibility, autority and communication, audit)
      • Resources management (supply, human resources, materials and infrastructure)
      • Measures, analysis and improvements (internal audits, process monitoring, control and results, preventive and corrective actions)
        • Competitive intelligence execution (process characterization, needs identification, sources and means of acces to information, information search process, treating and validation, process of adding value to information, Results – Actions and environments of interest)
          • Contracting of services of competitive intelligence (Requirements extraction, Offer evaluation, agreement formalization)
    • Clients, satisfaction

To implement a competitive intelligence management system, is necessary to establish what is the function of the CI, defining and ranking objectives, actors and resources system; also involves establishing methodologies, staff training and implementation of processes operation, monitoring and control.

Among the advantages of implementing competitive intelligenc management systems within organizations are:

  • Setting de bases for defining the strategic position to be taken by the organization
  • Set targets for R & D + i
  • Perform systematic observation and search for signs of change
  • Alert on scientific and technical innovations that may create opportunities or threats
  • Search technological solutions to the problems of the organization

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