Implementation of Innovation Management Systems

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Implementation of Innovation Management Systems

We accompany our clients in the definition, implantation and validation of the innovation management systems inside of the organizations. Under the Spanish norm UNE 166002 “Management of R+D+I: Requirements of R+D+I Management System”, we contribute to optimize and improve the process of investigation, development and innovation of the company.

The requirements of the system imply:

Among the advantages of implementing innovation management systems within organizations there are:

  • Promote activity of R+D+I within the organization
  • Provide guidelines to organize and effectively manage the R+D+I
    • Analysis of internal and external technological situation
    • Identification and valorization of threats and opportunities of technical evolution
    • Definition of basic objectives of activities of R+D+I
    • Selection and management of an adequate portfolio of R+D+I
  • Ensure that no activities susceptible to generate their own and patentable technologies are lost
  • Empower the R+D+I as a differential factor of competitiveness
  • Help to plan, organize and control R+D+I units

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