Evaluation and Technological and Innovative Diagnosis

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Evaluation and Technological and Innovative Diagnosis

CIDEI counts with a formal methodology for evaluation and diagnosis of companies in technological and innovation management. Aligned with the Spanish Norm UNE 166002 “R+D+I Management: Requirements of R+D+I Management System”, the methodology has a double purpose. Firstly, to be a tool that allows knowing the development degree according with innovation capabilities to generate initiatives. Secondly, to be a tool that generate knowledge that allows detecting the development bridge and create mechanisms that leads to its reduction.

CIDEI‘s methodology contemplates seven components:









These seven components offer to the companies a complete diagnosis about their performance in innovation. Additionally, they permit to detect development bridges, strengths around which you can build endogenous innovation capabilities and technologies that should venture, among other.

Components of the methodology are described next:

  1. External Analysis: Global, industrial or sectoral and competitive environment characterization in which the company operates
  2. Internal Analysis: Identification of resources, capabilities and central competencies available to the company
  3. Analysis of Innovation Management: Diagnosis of maturity degree of the organization using activities of technological and innovation management
  4. Analysis of Technology: Technology contribution to the company competitiveness
  5. Analysis of Networks: Identification of the company interaction with stakeholders
  6. Competitive Intelligence: Systematic analysis of the technological environment of the company
  7. Construction of Work Agendas: Construction, implementation and execution of work agendas that increase technological and innovation capabilities through portfolios, programs and R+D+I projects

Consequently, we provide the companies with the needed bases for:

Identify opportunities and threats inside the industrial and competitive environment

  • Identify weakness and strengths of resources against  competition
  • Examine the development degree of the technological activities
  • Pin down the lines of apply investigation and technological development where the company should focus
  • Establish if the company has developed competitive advantages thanks to its technological capabilities
  • Establish emerging technologies that the company should appropriate
  • Detect investigation groups, innovation and technological development centres. Universities and other specialize actors with which the company could interact for the creation or strengthen of its capabilities

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