The CIDEI has cooperation agreements in Research, Technological Development and Innovation with universities, companies and other technological centres of Colombia, also has established interagency cooperation agreements with technological development centres in Spain and Paraguay and has been assessor in “Fondo Emprender” (Organization created by the Colombian government to fund business initiatives) and project structuring of “Fomipyme” (Organization that funds modernization and technological development of very small, small and medium enterprises).

CIDEI is member of the Association of Colombian Electronic Sector – ASESEL (Organization focused on integrating and strengthening electro electronic Colombian businesses and professionals) and IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) a leading global entity in regulations and training relating to the design, manufacture and assembly of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as well as in the study of international technological and market behavior.


The CIDEI has worked with public and private entities, and with companies in strategic sectors and supply chains in the country who want to be more competitive by incorporating the innovation management as a fundamental tool for identifying new and better opportunities for institutional development and technologies of electrical, electronic, computer and telecommunications as tools for significant elevation of both productivity and competitiveness through the realization of R + D + i. Some of the companies, universities and allies that have been formulated and implemented projects with CIDEI: