About us

About us

The CIDEI, was created by COLCIENCIAS (www.colciencias.gov.co, head of research and development system in Colombia) and contributions of the private sector, and it is an independent entity framed inside the National System of Science and Technology of which it forms a part all the programs, strategies and activities of science and technology, independently of the public or private institution or of the person who develops them.

The System supports the development of the science and the technology in its different fields: industry, farming activities, electronics, telecommunications and computer science, energetic and mining sector, environment sciences, the, technology of the sea, social and human sciences, health, education, basic sciences, and other areas of knowledge.

The research and technological centres like CIDEI give to the advanced societies the technology and the knowledge that needs the new economy, since they collaborate of they form of active with all the agents of the system to improve the efficiency of the resources put in game. In the system science – technology – company, the centers are a key piece in the chain of value of the innovation since they help to increase the competitiveness of the companies and with it to improve the quality of life, to create wealth and to generate employment.

The underdeveloped countries have great number of small and medium companies, and they concentrate great part of the economic activity of these countries, but they are not in conditions to accede the newest technologies in individual form because they don’t have enough money to have research and development units since it happens in the industrialized countries. In these cases the search of technological resources by means of centers of I+D created by sets of companies, is constituted in the best solution and in alternative that ends for turning into a strategic priority of every set of productive units. This one is the case of the Colombian electrical, electronics and computer science industry, sector shaped in the fundamental thing by small and medium companies that have the imperative of acceding in the best possible conditions to the technology that they need for their development. 


The CIDEI is a Centre for Research and Technological Development that focuses all its efforts to contribute to the development of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Industry in Colombia, for it manages resources for projects, provides specialist training and consultancy, serving innovative services with the highest quality, based on their knowledge bank, its human resources at the highest level and experience of over 10 years in the design and implementation of successful projects.

The CIDEI constantly monitors new technologies and development trends in order to appropriate and transfer the knowledge to the productive sector. 


The CIDEI wants to benefit 85 companies per year in 2016, from electrical, electronic and computer industry with least one product in each of the service portfolio, so that is perceived as the ideal partner to advance technology development projects.

THE CIDEI wants to be a leader in research and development of new products and innovative technology-based services.

The CIDEI wants to be recognized by its insiders and the organization in which they are proud to work and with whom they share their personal and professional projects to build the corporate seal characterized by their high quality, the constant search for new horizons and institutional and personal achievements and an eye for excellence.

THE CIDEI wants to be recognized by companies as a benchmark in the appropriation of new technologies for the development of the electrical, electronics and computer industry.Such recognition should be reflected in the membership of 84 companies over the next four years.